Jason Snellen

Jason Snellen
American Fuji Seal, Pressman
Hometown: Bardstown, KY
Local Number 1241, USW District # 8
Years as USW Member: 13

What is unusual about your hometown, place of work or job?

We produce 95% of the world’s bourbon in Bardstown, and we have a bunch of larger and smaller distilleries.

What does this year’s theme, “Everybody’s Union” mean to you?

I like it, because it means that everybody should have a spot at the table. If you’re not at the table, you don’t get to eat.

What issues will be important when your Local’s contract expires? 

We just got a contract last October and it was my first negotiation. It got us an 11% increase in wages over the years of the contract and a 1% increase to our 401k. We’re always going to fight for better healthcare and retirement.

What’s your go-to dance move? 

Probably just a simple sway.

Every leader has a good tune to walk out to when introduced. What’s your walk-up song?

“Hounds to Heaven” by Tyler Childers.

Who would you most like to have dinner with, and why: Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, George R.R. Martin, Liz Cheney, Michael Jordan or Drake? 

Liz Cheney. She’s a Republican, but she’s standing up and doing what’s right with the Jan. 6 committee stuff. I admire her for her courage. She’s doing what she thinks is right. 

What things have you done or hope to do while you’re here?

Explore, people watch. I’d also like to win a big jackpot!

Have you yet decided how you will put the convention to work when you return home?

I’ll go back and speak with our members. I’m a Rapid Response Coordinator and a political lobbyist – everything could be taken away with the stroke of a pen, so it’s important that we educate ourselves on what’s going on. We’ve got to understand what the laws do for and to us. We have a pretty high union density in Bardstown, which drives up all the wages even for non-union people, but we still need to get more people on board.

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