Stefanie Calderone

Stefanie Calderone
B.P. Toledo, Lab Technician
Hometown: Temperance, Mich
Local Number 346, USW District # 1
Years as USW Member: 2

What is unusual about your hometown, workplace or job?

I came from HR at B.P. and was on the company committee in 2019 bargaining. Now, I’m on the USW committee and bargained our contract in 2022. I’m the lab steward, group chair and Local 1-346 Vice President.

What does this year’s theme, “Everybody’s Union” mean to you?

The union is inclusive to everyone. 

What issues will be important when your Local’s contract expires?

This past contract included an industrial peace clause that our local avoided, so we anticipate that it will be an issue next time around.

What’s your go-to dance move?

I don’t dance. 

Every leader has a good tune to walk out to when introduced. What’s your walk-up song?

“Highway to the Danger Zone” from Top Gun! 

Who would you most like to have dinner with, and why: Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, George R.R. Martin, Liz Cheney, Michael Jordan, or Drake?

The Rock because he has a very tough exterior but doesn’t hesitate to show a softer side in children’s movies.

What things have you done or hope to do while you’re here?

I have a committee assignment and am looking forward to seeing how the union is set up, organizationally. Of course, we’re here for networking – to build stronger relationships where they exist and create new ones where needed.

Have you yet decided how you will put the convention to work when you return home?

The lessons from USW Convention 2022 will serve my committee and membership in the months and years to come.

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