Resolution No. 13: Our Impact on Local, State, Provincial and Federal Elections

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WHEREAS, every citizen in the United States and Canada – representative democracies – possesses an inherent right to elect representatives in local, state, provincial and federal governments that will legislate on our behalf; and,  

WHEREAS, workplace health and safety, wage and overtime regulations, anti-harassment laws, retirement security, maternity and parental leave, pay equity, even our right to organize and bargain collectively, are all tied to local, state, provincial and federal laws and the people making them; and, 

WHEREAS, the rights of workers to peaceably assemble and organize collectively in the political process was established by the First Amendment under the Constitution of the United States; and by Section 2(d) Freedom of Association in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and,  

WHEREAS, the United Steelworkers union, since its inception in 1942, has always encouraged members to engage in elections as one of the most immediate ways to have a direct influence on lawmaking and its impact on our daily lives; and, 

WHEREAS, our union embraces the fundamental belief that our involvement in local, state, provincial and federal elections is rooted in a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for our members and all working families; and, 

WHEREAS, our union pledges to only support candidates who clearly demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting workers and upholding core USW values; and, 

WHEREAS, the USW in the United States has established a rigorous, transparent process to assess where candidates and lawmakers stand on the issues that impact USW members and their families most directly; and,  

WHEREAS, the United Steelworkers union is positioned to hold candidates and lawmakers accountable, and to be a voice for fairness toward all workers.  


  1. The United Steelworkers’ union reaffirms our commitment to organizing our members’ and families’ participation in local, state, provincial, and federal elections.
  2. The USW reaffirms our commitment to vetting candidates and lawmakers through face-to-face meetings, researching voting records, and requiring a response to our U.S. federal candidate questionnaire to be considered for our support.
  3. The USW pledges to conduct grassroots, member-led campaigns that seek to educate our members and families regarding USW-recommended candidates, as well as the variety of ways available for them to cast their ballot.  
  4. Our Union’s efforts in local, state, provincial, and federal elections will focus on ensuring workers’ rights are central to the campaigns of candidates seeking the support of USW members and families.  
  5. The USW reaffirms our commitment to holding regular discussions with our members about how our union can be a force for good in local, state, provincial, and federal elections.  

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